"The worst solution on the table is better than going to court"

Our Practice Areas

Commercial Law

We have experience dealing with all sorts of agreements. During the drafting and
negotiation of a contract we provide legal assistance that enables our clients establish
solid relationships. Identifying legal risks, and advising on their mitigation, is a major part of our commercial
law practice. We focus on crafting strategies that incorporate legal solutions that address
risks before they arise.

Corporate / M&A

Our expertise includes: establishing companies, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, securities, private equity, venture capital and commercial agreements.

Capital Markets Law

We provide legal support services across all capital markets matters including regulatory
compliance, the issuance of bonds and securities and other capital market instruments.
We collaborate with Luxembourg based law firms when our clients ask us to help them in
developing new products and structures. We guide through all kinds of capital market
transactions in regulated or alternative markets like multilateral trading facility (Euro

Labour Law

We give companies internal trainings (especially HR departments) so that employers are
informed about their rights and procedural requirements on contractual and statutory
matters are fulfilled successfully. Our labour law expertise covers drafting and
negotiating employment-related agreements, labour law disputes, post termination
related matters and resolution of senior level disputes.

Immigration Law

We have been advising both individual investors and companies on the acquisition of a second passport through different channels such as by origin, naturalization and Golden Visa. Our clientele includes Sephardic descendants of Portugal and Turks with Bulgarian ancestors.

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